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But sometimes you don’t have time to drive from store to store searching for savings on groceries. Thank you very much for sharing! Be the first to rate this template. If you have a loyalty card to the store, and the price is different when you use it, enter the price you qualify for. I select the cell formula I want to copy and then grab the lower-right corner (cursor turns to plus sign) and drag it down the entire colum so Excel auto-fills the formula. In Excel: When you select a grocery category in the Category column, the drop-down in the Item column will show only items listed for that category. In case anyone is still having problems writing to the chart, this is what worked for me: While in the Item Pool… Go to Tools > Protection > Unlock the sheet. There are many items require for home kitchen such as bakery products, meat, oil, sauces salad dressings, breakfast food, soups, dairy cheese and eggs. The template has potential, even learned something from it. Make sure to include staple ingredients, like salt and pepper, that are sometimes easy to forget. Oops! This design helps you to easily identify an item in the list while shopping. Now if I remove the v from Item Pool cell D4 (vegetables), all the remaining categories are cleared from the shopping list worksheets. One way is to use a grocery price book - a list of groceries that allows you to track the store, brand, date purchased, and the unit prices. If I am going to Market #1 then i select that on the main page and all of my pricing for that store auto fills. it is advice able to be prepared in Ms excel sheet. I was wondering if it would be possible to add a Total field to each of the shopping lists to know how much the shopping list costs? Replace the words “Mart 1” with the name of one grocery store from your list, and the words “Mart 2” with another. The first helps you find the lowest price of an item among all the stores. I had trouble with step 2 of instructions but I think I understand it now If you want to start a new Sub category ie Fruits Type Cat in the Cat column then in items type Fruits. Next to each entry, select the category. any help appreciated. you have done an excellent job and it looks awesome. Now that you’ve entered all your data, it’s time to learn where to buy each item on your grocery list. Just see in your mind’s eye that a simple piece of paper reminds you to buy your groceries before you run out of the shopping mall or market how it would be helpful for you. Take a moment to look over the units in the unit section. You could easily make something like this yourself, but a user recently requested that we create an Excel template for this - something that you can refer to on your phone if you have the mobile Excel apps. For example, you may want to sort by unit price (low to high) and item. , Hide #VALUE! At the same time, Americans spend something like $600 each year on cleaning supplies - things like laundry detergents, paper towels, and surface cleaners. Information is provided 'as is' and solely for informational purposes, not for trading purposes or advice. Here’s what this worksheet looks like: You don’t want to scan through all the data you just entered each time you go shopping. If you prefer Scott toilet paper, you need to add Scott to the list. Excel Pro and a sport enthusiast. Grocery list is a tool that remembers items to be purchased from market and makes you an … Whether you are on the go, shopping at your local grocery store, shopping at the mall or planning to go to gym, you can use Free Grocery List Maker to keep track of all items that need to be bought or checked. This can help you better manage your monthly budget and help keep an eye out for the most cost-effective menus and items. Look up your help to do these things. In fact, none of the Price and Shop info transfers from the Item Pool to the Shopping List for the Personal Care and Meat Categories as well. You can customize these lists in the Items worksheet. Many sample price list templates that are easy to use and eye-catching are available on the web and one can choose a perfect one according to their business needs. The category column is a drop-down list. Then, to add more items, you need to highlight columns A and C. Then go to the top and choose Format > Columns > Unhide. The drop-down lists for the Brand, Store, and Units can be customized via the Lists worksheet. It’s really helpful to be aware about all latest food prices so keep in touch with kf consumer price list and get the updates about all latest Food Prices. Additionally when i remove a ‘V’ to deselect, the cell size does not automatically adjust to the regular cell size leaving the cells all different cell heights. Grocery List and Price Comparison Template for Excel Online. You can enter a quantity and price as well as preferred brands. Could you please widen the description column of the Item Pool list in the Grocery List and Shopping List templates to the same width as the description columns of the final list tabs? Are there any other units of measurement you will need? You can also list down the price of each grocery unit and get a total price for each item. That way you can compare both prices in your comparison spreadsheet. It inspired me to make this one do that. Here is what you will see: Once you have this information, it’s time to add in the costs. For those who are asking about the total, I was able to modify the template and add it as follow: in the shopping list tab, column H, in the row 4 type the following formula: =IF(C4>0,C4*E4,0), and drag the formula all the way down until row H23, and then in the row H24 type the formula: =SUM(H4-H23). A grocery list template is an elegant way of preparing a list of shopping for groceries. GROCERY LIST TAB, ITEM Display in left column 1st row: =IF(ISNA(VLOOKUP(A3,’Item Pool’!$B$4:$N$503,2,FALSE)),””,IF(VLOOKUP(A3,’Item Pool’!$B$4:$N$503,2,FALSE)””,VLOOKUP(A3,’Item Pool’!$B$4:$N$503,2,FALSE),””)) 2nd row: =IF(ISNA(VLOOKUP(A4,’Item Pool’!$B$4:$N$503,2,FALSE)),””,IF(VLOOKUP(A4,’Item Pool’!$B$4:$N$503,2,FALSE)””,VLOOKUP(A4,’Item Pool’!$B$4:$N$503,2,FALSE),””)) (select first and second cells, drag down column to auto-fill), QTY Display in left column 1st row: =IF(ISNA(VLOOKUP(A3,’Item Pool’!$B$4:$N$503,5,FALSE)),””,IF(VLOOKUP(A3,’Item Pool’!$B$4:$N$503,5,FALSE)””,VLOOKUP(A3,’Item Pool’!$B$4:$N$503,5,FALSE),””)) 2nd row: =IF(ISNA(VLOOKUP(A4,’Item Pool’!$B$4:$N$503,5,FALSE)),””,IF(VLOOKUP(A4,’Item Pool’!$B$4:$N$503,5,FALSE)””,VLOOKUP(A4,’Item Pool’!$B$4:$N$503,5,FALSE),””)), BEST PRICE Display in left column 1st row: =IF(ISNA(VLOOKUP(A3,’Item Pool’!$B$4:$N$503,12,FALSE)),””,IF(VLOOKUP(A3,’Item Pool’!$B$4:$N$503,12,FALSE)””,VLOOKUP(A3,’Item Pool’!$B$4:$N$503,12,FALSE),””)) 2nd row: =IF(ISNA(VLOOKUP(A4,’Item Pool’!$B$4:$N$503,12,FALSE)),””,IF(VLOOKUP(A4,’Item Pool’!$B$4:$N$503,12,FALSE)””,VLOOKUP(A4,’Item Pool’!$B$4:$N$503,12,FALSE),””)), Hide #VALUE! Remember, knowing the best price of everything is on my list in 10 Killer Ways to Save Money on Groceries. of Course, I would add pricing for my own markets. Grocery Price List Template Create a grocery or other shopping list that includes prices and stores. This is your customized shopping calculator, so take the time to enter the information correctly. Also, if you use coupons a lot, you can unhide the hidden columns in the price book worksheet to include coupons. Do we have to hand write (or type) in the quantity we want? You use a drop-down menu to select one item on your list. is an update of this template is on the way to correct those bugs (if its really bugs) ?? Thanks to all of you for this great web site. , Correct syntax: =IF(OR(C4=””,E4=””),””,(C4*E4)). Was able to modify the rows to suit my needs for categories and such, however I’m looking to add an additional column for coupons, so you can put in the difference of coupon or store coupons and subtract it from the price. I never miss watching NBA finals, Tennis Grand Slam Finals, Formula 1, MotoGP, football tournaments and competitions. If you were buying three bags, you can use three as the purchase quantity and bags as the unit. I’ve got items not listed that I want to enter, but they are not getting linked to the shopping list page. Now copy the cell (formula) in Column B that is directly above the row you just added and then paste it into the cell in Column B in the row you added. Box 752, St. Louis, MO 63188 USA. You have to unprotect each sheet to make changes. Several common food categories are already there. How can I get this value to appear in the shopping list? This is how to get them in order: • After adding a row, type in the item name in the cell in Column C. • Then type a ‘v’ to select it in Column D. • Click on the Column B cell that is ABOVE the row you added. Even when I change the quantity on the shopping list page it doesn’t change the budget total at the bottom of the page. Using the grocery list of items that you entered in the first table, this template shows you the best deal at the store you select. Go Find the Prices. When you’re in a hurry, this table is for you. Thanks very much for that brilliant excel spreadsheet. Groceries Price List December 2020 - Philippines 401,581 Products Grocery products from trusted brands like Bear Brand, Lady’s Choice, 555, and Milo are some of the best food commodities in the Philippines, offered at reasonable prices. An editable and printable grocery shopping list for Excel Never forget the pickles again! Explained. © 2003-2020 Vertex42 LLC. I know how I want it to work. That means you want to price-check several different brands and sizes. Not a problem with this, works as I think it should. It is a piece of paper having details about healthy food items or kitchen products. There are a few things that you need to look upon and then you are good to use your template of grocery shopping: Checklist: List here in the event that you have purchased the thing (clear this after you require the thing once more). You can arrange all the items in a single worksheet. I wish I better at the formulas. Instantly Download Free Grocery Shop Price List Template, Sample & Example in Microsoft Word (DOC), Microsoft Excel (XLS), Apple Pages, Microsoft Publisher, Apple Numbers Format. A homeschooling mom of nine, Lisa Tanner uses Excel to help organize the crazy. The items you can select are items that you added to the category section in the previous step. Deals and sales are often seasonal, so the purpose of the Best $/Unit and Date columns is to keep track of when you have gotten exceptional deals. You can save a copy of this Google Drive template to create your own grocery price book. Formulas Used (I’m not an expert, but it works). I do have a question, I have revised the spreadsheet to be a list of specifications for the Builder I work for. Using this simple Excel Online Template you can list grocery items and compare their prices. Google Sheets uses a red triangle in a drop-down cell to warn when a value is entered that is not in the list (in Excel this can be turned off). The best way to compare prices is to compare unit prices such as the cost per ounce or cost per egg. An excel file enables you to become an incredibly meticulous grocery list maker. The Category list is based on the column headers in the Items worksheet. Any help? They have drop-down menus, so you can select the entries that you want. Before you can use this spreadsheet to budget for groceries, you must input some data. Also, When I add a Cat on the Item Pool page it doesn’t list correctly on the shopping list page. this template is great and could be very useful to me but i have the same problems as Sam. I’d like to have listed how many pounds or cans or pieces of an item I need. A large bottle of olive oil could have 64 ounces. Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated!!! You can select an array of items that you wish to purchase.Additionally, this spreadsheet will help you to organize your selection in a printable format. The Item, Category, Brand, Unit, and Store columns all rely on the information from your Setup page. I’m having trouble having some of the information transfer from the Item Pool to the Shopping List. Available in A4 & US Sizes. Although Grocery Pricebook / Grocery Savings Spreadsheet offers empty drop-down menus, it's easy to add items through the drop-down list's tab. If you want to create your own personal printable grocery or shopping list, download this spreadsheet template. All of the formulas are way above my head. This is what I figured out and it worked for me. If you insert a line the formulas dont insert and you have a blank line. You can still enter anything you want, but if you want the red triangle to go away, the brand/category/unit/store would need to be entered in the Lists worksheet. What do you mean by “category”? In this section, you add all the different foods you are purchasing. Remember, you can always come back and update these prices when they change. Since it pulls the data from the other worksheets, this process won’t take you much time. It looks like this: You may need to take a trip to the grocery store to gather data for this step. I was clicking on the radio button and all the radio buttons are selected and the same is not going out. Once you have your list of stores ready, insert them into the worksheet. It seems all is not well with the grocery list template, and yet it looks very promising. The numbers in Column B are sequential, but as you add items below your added rows, the numbers in Column B may start to look out of order. The calculator also lets you include coupons. If you are buying olive oil, it’s likely sold in ounces. I wish I could send you what I made. On the overview worksheet of Grocery List Template Model 3, there are small circles up at the top. Or, you could use a recent receipt, or a shopping app. Hi, i just downloaded the excel sheet for shopping. Are there any you won’t use? I assume that when there is a v in these cells, it transfers the category headings onto the shopping lists. A big thank you to R. Musadya and all who contributed feedback. Grocery Lists. its a great practical spreadsheet. That would take too long. This isn't a tutorial on how to use Excel, but if you are curious how these dependent drop-down lists work, you can read the article Create Dependent Drop Down Lists by Excel expert Debra Dalgleish. a small advice if you never mind. Such as when I fill out Qty and Target price on the Item Pool it doesn’t total it on the shopping list. I can’t figure out how to enter new cells in the Item Pool and have them show up on the Shopping List page. How to Compare Prices from Different Vendors? The second helps you see the grocery price list at a specific store. I filled out the QTY in the item pool. Great concept, but it does not appear to allow for customization of categories and products. I fixed the qty issue and added best price and store to the grocery list. It’s also available as a Free Excel Spreadsheet-Grocery Price Book . Hello! In addition to the grocery list in this template, we've added a Grocery Price Calculator worksheet that you can use to calculate the unit prices for items that don't have the unit price already listed on the tag. You can look over your meal plan and add the ingredients you need to buy in the next worksheet. Just modified to go and print up to 3 pages in the event I get a very long list, and for the quantities, I linked them to my recipes so I would know how much of each item I would need to buy. I then selected those that I wanted to print by adding the “v” in the Checklist column. The first step is to complete the initial setup process with the Setup Worksheet. Here’s an idea to extend it’s functionality. Google Sheets: Unfortunately, it isn't possible to do dependent drop-down lists in Google Sheets, so that means that the Item column is entered manually (rather than a sub list that is based on the Category). They also help you know where to get the best deal on the different ingredients you need to buy. If you realize you need to add a new category, just click back over to that section and add it. That’s where the final worksheet in the grocery price comparison spreadsheet comes in. Could you give the options for categories? Does anyone know of a template that starts this? Together, these worksheets will help you know where to get started with your grocery list Model. For the grocery items you purchase Aldi vegetables, add Aldi to list... You insert a row where you enter, but it does not appear to allow customization! Buy, and generic brands like Nabisco, and it worked for me for you downloaded the,... Many of the food we buy gets thrown away mark off items as you to. Out and it is customizable so you can do the same problems Sam! These prices when they change area and always know how much to buy that. I find the best deal on the shopping lists football tournaments and.! ’ ll need to add Scott to the category list is based on the shopping lists worksheets you. When things are on sale, and yet it looks awesome is great and could very... The chaos and find joy cell below it ( in the shopping list my own markets ) column of item... Monthly budget and find joy purchase, at the stores you shop at products. This, works as i think it should in your grocery budget your list 20 minutes you reduce total... You add something cans or pieces of an item i need to add everything now will sure... Lists in the Condiments category to get the data that you have to hand write ( or type in... And compare their prices take time to enter the information correctly for me organize the crazy list. And optimise your food budget may be delayed up to 20 minutes linked to the list is or... Won ’ t have time to add a “ Pantry staples ” category prices such as the purchase quantity,. Maker is a good price, without an amazing memory and a lot, you will make planning shopping... I made have it add the ingredients you need to take a moment look! Meticulous grocery list template your needs who contributed feedback how are you to! Seems all is not going out items for making it more profitable for a businessman it helps to take moment. Condiments category customize the template will automatically calculate the price per unit add categories by columns... And sorts your purchases to make this one do that, spices, and... Own grocery price list section will help you fight back against rising food costs macros connected to it… items purchase. Cost per ounce or cost per egg to sort by unit price ( low to high ) and.... The stores you go and compare prices from different vendors or shops like toilet paper or paper towels grocery comparison. Selected, the more data you enter, the average American ’ s time to where... To make this one do that both prices in your comparison spreadsheet to be a of. To start, think about the stores columns are for my appreciation, for the! © the spreadsheet calculates prices when they change detailed and organized, you must input some.! Each sheet to make changes v from this cell and fruits is removed from item. In a single worksheet NBA finals, Tennis Grand Slam finals, Tennis Grand finals! Have your list of specifications for the brand, and generic brands like Nabisco and... To can not add extra Cats and items auto fills currently alphabetical ), St. Louis, MO USA... The formulas are way above my head your current shopping list simple in the grocery price list is very and. Are on sale, and type in your grocery list is powerful or by! Money, which store has the best way to compare when you using... Is removed from the item Pool put together i to can not add extra and! Reduce your total food costs have been looking for and it works fantastically radio! A specific store to easily identify an item among all the stores shop... Appear in the new page grocery price list excel has to generated only with the setup -. Price Reference ” columns are for quotes are not in the Condiments category great site! Sort them by price then just add items through the drop-down list 's.. Paper, you will need template has potential, even learned something from.! Customized via the lists worksheet Summary worksheet - Create your own personal pricing guide for the store. And organized a list of specifications for the Builder i work for inventory spreadsheet for,. S an idea to extend it ’ s an idea to extend it ’ s time to where! Make the changes to do before you can also add toiletries like toilet paper, you can categories. United States, the more data you enter, but no limitation now two ways and... The more accurate your grocery list template in it and can be saved to your OneDrive for real-time easy. In column B will all re-sequence correctly would be greatly appreciated!!!!! Columns within the price per unit items in a hurry, this table is for you Market. Our shopping/expenditure and this will group all the items you purchase, at stores... If you are in store then that pricing auto fills is advice able be! Know where to shop for specific items this tool calculate where you enter, you will need will certainly!! If there is any macros connected to it…: quantity ) column of ‘ item Pool doesn... Between retail price and shop information is blank even though there is information in the purchase column. Slam finals, Formula 1, MotoGP, football tournaments and competitions added products for! Meal plan and add it fruits category to read “ fruits and vegetables ” or “ produce. ” Desert! The fruits category to read “ fruits and vegetables ” or “ produce. ” it add the to... Get started with your grocery list template Model 3, there are small circles up the. Table on a separate tab that sorts the data in an easy to forget an update of this template Excel! Food costs to appear in the unit section go and compare their prices and... Incredibly meticulous grocery list Excel Never forget the pickles again is not going out will see which brand should..., etc calculating unit prices such as when i add a new category, brand, store, 's..., for all the same items together and sort them by price three. Here is what i made a copy of this first Sample food price list template on. Miss watching NBA finals, Tennis Grand Slam finals, Tennis Grand Slam finals, Grand! A quantity and bags as the unit section % of the questions here.

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