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I will be only able to make this one purchase so starting with a parakeet and then moving up to parrotlet is not an option. Cockatiels and budgies are both parrots, or hookbills, with hooked beaks suitable for cracking seed. like my budgies for instance....i was hoping they would be more "into" me....but i love them for who they are. My previous cockatiel only bonded with me & my oldest son. She grew up with a female Tiel and I think some of the Tiel personality rubbed off on her........ That is great a breeder near you that breeds both, you can visit both face to face. i hope she has babies from each around the same time. This is a community for the discussion of parrots. I had 2 cockatiels a female who was so sweet, playful and truly wonderful also I had a male that every time you went near him drew blood and was never friendly in fact quite aggressive. Press J to jump to the feed. Many breeders feed parrotlet's a mixture of basic cockatiel seed, gourmet cockatiel seed mix, and premium pellets such as Zupreem or Harrison ’s Bird Food. Second, they have larger beaks (compared to body size) and they are usually a lighter color than a budgie. pretty sure its gonna be a tiel though, lol! While I will be the main caretaker of the bird, my mother also wants to be able to spend time with it and take it out of its cage whether I'm there or not. My current two cockatiels are definitely one person birds who only tolerate other family members occasionally, usually when they have especially tasty food in their possession or a laptop keyboard in need of tearing up. i am prepared to deal with my baby no matter what his/her personality. I think you've got a great opportunity with this breeder you've found. She sits on my shoulder for hours and calls to me when I get home. See which ones seem to click with you more. Parakeets. My first bird was a parrotlet, the conure, then parrotlet. Quakers are less social than Cockatiels and tend to get attached to a single person emotionally. I have had Peatri for over a month now and he is pretty much super glued to me. I would agree about letting the bird pick you. Parrotlet vs. Cockatiel. All pet birds are different, and this is an easy way to find the right one for you! [citation needed] Parrotlets in general are feisty, affectionate, and willful. That being said, I personally prefer parrotlets because in general they are much more outgoing, spunky, and animated than the tiels we’ve had. I’m convinced that som… Cuddlyness: Help convince me! I think either a cockatiel or a quaker could get pretty noisy. I've only ever owned a cockatiel but he was very sweet. Volkman Avian Science Parrotlet Seed is another popular parrotlet food. I live alone now so I give him the most attention but he's cool with other people. The Pacific Parrotlets (Forpus coelestis) - also known as Celestial, Western, Lesson's or Ridgway's Parrotlets - occur naturally in Western Ecuador and North-western Peru (on the Pacific coast). Also should I get one or two of the same type? i would like a bird that is happy with cuddling, scritches, holding, petting, hanging out with me and loving me. Scientific Name: Forpus coelestis. She is, however, a huge exception to the parrotlet species. Parrotlets are thought to do best on a seed diet. They are slightly larger than parrotlets, ranging from 40-60 grams. lol.....i learned that's not necessarily the case. :lol My concern is how these two are going to get along? My name is Button. I'm a beginner and would like a resposive bird(s). For reasons that make no sense to me, over preening has a less ominous status as a behavioral problem than plucking. We also have a dog that I dont think will have any problem with the bird. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Tiels were actually my 4th and 5th birds. My male parrotlet, Ziggy, is pretty cool with other people. - they just love to sit on your body/shoulder all … I love conures because they’re very interactive and bond closely to people, but they might be a bit too loud for you. Parrotlets tend to be dedicated parents and are often used as foster parents for less reliable parrotlet species. A cockatiel is a popular choice for a pet bird. I was told they arent starter burds though. being a quiet bird is kind of important to me, but not a big deal if they're a bit noisy. But I also introduced Ziggy to everyone who came over when he was young. i think i'll get a tiel though. Budgie vs. cockateil vs. parrotlet vs. Quaker! i have researched both birds and would like opinions from all of you as to which bird makes a better pet? I have a parrotlet, haven't had him long (1 month) so he's still a little shy but he is fine with my two dogs, really not scared at all, and actually seems to really enjoy my young kids. lol! then maybe later i'll get 2 parrotlets so i can watch their antics together. They are less social than the cockatiels, I find, and they have an aggressive streak that is pretty much absent in the cockatiels. What you should provide more of to a lovebird, however, is the opportunity to bathe. Parrotlet VS. Budgie VS. (maybe) Cockatiel? Good luck! Cockatiels, however, enjoy spending time with a variety of people rather than focussing all … [citation needed] The Pacific parrotlet, in particular, does not understand that it is a tiny bird, and has little trouble challenging other animals and humans. My parrotlet, also a male, is quieter and is noisy for only short predictable periods. Among the many varieties of parrotlets, the ones best suited for pets are members of the species the Pacific parrotlet (Forpus coelestis) and the green-rumped parrotlet (Forpus passerinus). Most lovebirds appreciate being spritzed with a plant mister or offered a shallow bowl of water in which to bathe. but i'll be happy with whatever i get. Endemic to South and Central America, this second smallest bird in the parrot family is a popular pet choice. I personally, prefer the cockatiel so far. i have so much more to read on this site. You are making me want to get a cockatiel now! Join me as I introduce you to my new baby bird! Budgies and cockatiels are natives of arid, inland Australia. In all honesty I would much rather the parrotlet, but after doing research i have learned a cockatiel might be better for my situation. Parrotlets should be housed separately due to their aggressive nature. I want a parrot but I dont know which one is best! She loves me, but hates my boyfriend unless he's putting a treat in her cage... Having had many different kinds of birds, including parrotlets and field, I can say that whether a bird bonds only to one person or not is totally dependent on their individual personality and upbringing. i was thinking "if i buy a hand fed baby, all will be well! They are resident (non-migratory) within their range. Photo of quaker by Anna Sloan Over preening is a feather destructive behavior. An Easy Parrot Characteristics Comparison Chart! So I think some of it (at least in my case) is who that bird imprinted on when a baby & how they were socialized afterwards. Female parrotlets are more apt to be a single person bird but males tend to tolerate multiple people. Callie, my Dilute Blue female, loves people, cuddling and is as sweet as the day is long! - they are bigger to hug and love on. I love IRNS. i also have 4 parakeets and it would be great if they could all have happy out-of-cage play time together. Our tiels were always very laid back and submissive, whereas our parrotlets have always been very sociable and interactive. it seems like a plet name to me. Other species that can be found in pet stores are usually either the Mexican Parrotlet, the Spectacled Parrotlet, or the Yellow-faced Parrotlet. u guys are right......i should go to the breeder (when she has babies) and see which ones pick me. Though extremely adorable and chirpy, Parrotlets can be moody, nippy, and aggressive if ignored by the owner. I've read that Australian birds get along with each other better than birds from different geographical regions. Button talking a lot! I am trying to decide between a parrotlet or a parakeet. I have had birds before but never a parrot of any kind. but for now...i gotta just pick one. They also do not have the stripes that budgies do along their feathers. But that is all they have. but there's another side of me that is saying "forget focusing so much on the cuddling and just get a couple p'lets so i can enjoy their clowing around, and maybe i'll get lucky and get a cuddler anyway?" Cockatiels are so sweet though! I like GCCs,Parrotlets,Cockatiels and Budgies. They prefer to play alone or with their favorite person usually. I can talk. i gotta say, it seems so hard to choose!! hopefully they will become more tame, but i'm not pushing the issue and i love them for who they can be. They are capable of mimicking speech, … I am getting my first pet bird in a few weeks and I am torn between these two choices. The downside is they can be very stubborn, even feisty, when they want something so you have to be on top of your training. The cockatiels are, as you say, friendly and affectionate with lots of personality. Though I would not trade her for anything. My p'let is Dr. Jekly and Mr. Hyde but when she is sweet she is so sweet and comical and funny but when she is Mr. Hyde watch out. I know Peatri is the cutest thing on the planet but that isn't the point. ... A small amount of Higgins Vita Seed Cockatiel seed mixture can also be added every few days. Go visit with her and try out each bird. very informative! It was nothing big, just holding him, shoulder sitting and sometimes treats. In all honesty I would much rather the parrotlet, but after doing research i have learned a cockatiel might be better for my situation. of course tiels are cute too. These are common species in their native Australia, and they are quite numerous in aviculture.Both cockatiels and budgies are desert-adapted birds. Good morning, I love you, hat lady, what you doing, why am I not surprised? I have a love bird and a cockatiel, so I do have experience with birds. I am getting my first pet bird in a few weeks and I am torn between these two choices. These long-tailed parakeets are one of the most popular family pets today, alongside the faithful cockatiel. They are attractive as well as friendly. See more ideas about Parrotlet, Conure, Pet birds. The Parrotlet's average lifespan is 15+ years if fed and taken care of correctly and given daily happiness! Also, they can get along with budgies though budgies tend to be the bosses, partially because tiels are very sweet. i've learned so much just from reading the sticky on mistakes that beginners make. She picked me when I went to the breeder but I wanted a change from the tiels. For a starter Id say go tiel or gcc. Both live in flocks in the wild and lay eggs in holes in trees, which is also a trait shared by many parrots. they will eat seed and millet out of my hand and they feel comfortable with me around the cage, talking to them, giving them food and water, cleaning their cage etc. I am thinking on the lines of: ... so I am biased there. Adult Size: 4 1/2 to 5 1/2 inches, weighing about one ounce. Before I put in my opinion know that I'm a brand new parrotlet owner, and my cockatiel is a bit remarkable for a cockatiel. Talk about anything having to do with parrotlets here! knowing me, i probably would do that. I talk. Quaker parrot vs Cockatiel. Because they are so active, parrotlets burn up calories and should be fed more food than a lovebird or even a large, sedentary cockatiel. Parrotlets can make amazing little pets and companions! Upon the truly sad passing of my beloved parakeet Milo, whom I raised from a hatchling, I am ready for another bird. The smaller the cage is they are in, the more out-of-cage time they should be given. I found my cockatiel more cuddly but definitely noisier for far longer, he was a male. She has spotted this little powder blue parrotlet and thinks she is the cutest thing on the planet. All for personal reasons though. Caique vs Parrotlet. This is Terri your Hat Lady how can I help you. My brother and I always had after school activities and stuff so my mom spent a lot of time with her while we were in school. He's friendly but doesn't … and oh yeah, maybe i could get one of each! I am getting a bird and narrowed it down to two options; I will either get a linnie pair or a single parrotlet. My parrotlet is a little ball of rage. I started all wrong. These birds inhabit arid lowland scrub and semi-open tropical deciduous woodland. The bird will pick you. I would agree with everyone else on here, go visit them, multiple times if necessary, before you pick. ... conure vs parrotlet, green cheek conure or parrotlet, green cheek conure vs parrotlet, lovebird vs conure, parrotlet or conure, the baby will come home pretty much ready to play and cuddle!" Both budgies and cockatiels are Australian whereas lovebirds are African and parrotlets are new world (I think). if i were to get a plet i would've named him NutNut. Its the breed that got me started on birfs in the first place. Parrotlets have a very large appetite, sometimes eating as much as a cockatiel daily. Due to their smaller size, cockatiel care and taming are easier than other parrot species. the parrotlets are so darn cute!! i have found a breeder in my area. Given their small size and sweet personality, they lack the intensity that a Caique is born with. Their cage should not be smaller than 18" x18"x18" with a bar spacing of 1/2"- 5/8". These parrots commonly live 20-30 years, being quieter than the other conure species. This flocking parrot is known for its foraging for seeds, fruits and vegetabl… i'm at home all day and would have lots of time for my tiel or p'let. I also had a cockatiel growing up and she definitely was more of a one person bird. Re: Noise Level Conure vs Parrotlet My Kermit’s flock calls can be pretty loud and piercing, even though green cheeks are supposedly much quieter than other conures. But after tons of research, I cant decide! New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. I do have time to cuddle and teach. i would like a female tiel, but i don't think i can choose the sex since i'll be getting a baby and i don't think you can tell the sex till they mature. People have told me to let the bird pick me, but I'm not sure how to go about that. The parrotlets really are big parrots in a tiny body. But you have the perfect opportunity of checking them out together to see who is right for you. Usually only the males are very loud and the females are quieter.

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